My Journey…

started out of frustration in corporate life and seeing some of my friends struggling to get their businesses off the ground and noticed. I soon realized that helping to build power brands while teaching them to become profitable is what I live for.

Using my years (over a decade) of experience in web design and development, and digital marketing, I currently work with Solopreneurs who know the importance and vitality of proper branding to their companies. I founded Bklyn Custom Designs, LLC to help women Solopreneurs in New York establishing their local visibility and building an online presence.


  • Brand Strategy Consultant 100%
  • ReputationMarketing 98%
  • Website Development 98%
  • Graphic Design 97%
  • Customer Happiness 96%
  • Adventure Lover 100%
  • Traveler 100%

“If we’re not willing to invest (time or money) into our brand, then who will and why should they? Knowledge is power. Improving on ourselves and/or business, no matter what stage in life we’re in is essential to success. Whether we’re developing a stronger mindset or increasing our profits. Moving forward is key.
You must respect the hustle!” – Charlene Brown, Bklyn Custom Designs

From reputation marketing to website development, branding is far more than simply picking colors and a spunky business name. Going beyond individual work, I use my blog, VIP group, and books including my bestseller, Keep It Super Simple to help Solopreneurs everwhere!

When not in business mode, I love exploring new worlds through traveling and stepping out of my comfort zone. I agree that the best things in life are learned through complete immersion. We never grow without the willingness to expand our horizons. I’m almost done obtaining my PhD and learning French and Spanish. Other than that, I love to sleep in LATE and munching on Thin Oreos at 2am!

My Recent Projects