Keep It Super Simple: Excerpt

A Taste of Keep It Super Simple

In case you wanted to know a bit of what my book entails, here is a quick excerpt to give you a taste of what’s being offered. Despite all the strategies I’ve learned, the one lesson I’ve learned is that nothing works unless you do!

“Day-to-day tasks take higher priority over branding any day in the world of micro-enterprise. Who can’t relate to that? Completing jobs and keeping customers satisfied is the understandable focus because these actions help to bring revenue in. All micro-enterprise owners want this.

Consider branding as reputation building regardless of your business (service- or product-driven). Your reputation is vital to the success of your business, especially from the online standpoint. Your business is an extension of you and needs to be protected.

When you care about your reputation then you do what you must to protect it. Your reputation should express your uniqueness and positive influence on your audience as well as community.

Developing and managing an online business takes some skill sets that not everyone possesses. These skilled professionals should be respected for their work. Taking advantage of them is never forgotten and this type of behavior is remembered and shared throughout the community in one form or another. If professional help is offered, please keep in mind that the professional is offering help voluntarily and may revoke this help at any time and at any sign of abuse to their good  nature.

The tradeoff of experience is one thing, but a blatant disrespect for expertise and skills can quickly get old and become offensive. Remember, you set the tone for how your project will run. Your organization and realistic expectations can help drive your team to success. Whether workers are hired or volunteered help, a positive work environment encourages healthy productivity where ideas and creativity thrive.

This is not a “how to book.”  Rather it’s about changing the rigid mindset that many online business owners tend to adopt by falling for the temptation to be like some competitor because they are successful in some way. This book is about having you, yes you, find YOUR successful.

Find YOUR normal. Cultivate YOUR brand to reflect YOU. What is good for the goose may not be necessarily good for the gander in this scenario. You  need to learn how to distinguish between copying and testing styles. Be ready to flex your flexibility and switch things up when an approach or roadmap is not working for you.

No need to put all your sweat, hopes, dreams, and tears in one broken, tattered basket. Testing out a roadmap is  not a cardinal business sin, but sticking to another business’s roadmap and essentially copying their approach can turn out detrimental for you in the end.

Some companies are able to step into a market and use the old to create new only because they examined the roadmap of a rival company and switched things around to suit their needs. For instance, Facebook and MySpace were seen as similar but different rivals. Facebook managed to take what MySpace was doing and flip the  script.”


Keep It Super Simple: Excerpt

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