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Managing Your Online Reputation in 2017

Managing Your Rep Online

While reading through some favorite blog sites, I came across an oldie but the relevant article by Courtney Klepsch of Digital Darling Media. All solopreneurs will struggle at the start of their business. The key is to learn to take control of your time and business before things get completely out of hand and you lose your business to failure.

As solopreneurs juggling, the day-to-day operations of your business leads to feeling overwhelmed. However, with some help from some power, you can successfully achieve brand profitability and maintain a positive online reputation. After reading Courtney’s list I was inspired to create one of my own!

4 sites and apps that have (& still do) help me stay socially active:

Stencil – Social Media Graphic Creation & Shares
This cool software is online and helps anyone who’s not sure what to create and may want a quick, simple image. This is a paid software but completely easy to use and save images so you can share whenever and where ever. The best part, to share on almost any platform, you don’t even need to leave the software. Share directly from Stencil! Check out the prices here.

Promo Republic – Social Media Graphic/Ads Creation & Shares
This is one of the best social media content creators I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve been using this hard body karate for the past year and love them! Whenever I’m not sure what to share or want something cool to promote Promo Republic makes it easy and quick for me to do so. They give tons of suggestions and even hook you up with attention-grabbing graphics and let you schedule them out. As if it couldn’t get any better, they have a calendar and recently introduced Facebook Ads! They recently added Instagram but I prefer Grum for that! Another paid service so check them out and see what you think!

Grum – Awesome IG Post Scheduler
Just when most apps make you copy & still manually post your IG images, Grum steps it up a notch and follows through til the end! I found out about them through AppSumo and lucked out with a lifetime membership. While trying out another similar app I found this one was less drama setting up and I was able to schedule a month’s worth of images with hashtags, comments, and headlines if I wanted to all with a calendar on hand. This took the stress out of publishing to IG, especially if you wanted to create a cool image on your laptop & then post to IG days later and you can EDIT prescheduled posts without having to delete & recreate the post. I highly recommend them for IGers!

HootSuite – Social Media Management
HootSuite is a great social media management tool that allows you to update your social media platforms from one location. The software is free to use for the basic service, however, you can pay a small monthly fee and add team members and functionality to your social media management. It supports all of the major social media platforms — LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter — and you can integrate others through their suite of content apps, like YouTube and Flickr, Tumblr and more. You can make updates, download reports, communicate with your followers and keep up to speed with social media tactics all through HootSuite’s dashboard.

I Used To Love These But You Still Might

Buffer – Social Media Management (Instagram got added!)
Buffer was my BFF but I had to migrate to try other options. It’s been a moment but my scheduled posts would fail or get missed, the same with HootSuite, and I got hella annoyed about it so I abandoned ship. Yet, this is still one of the long-lasting apps/services that made it through the fickled environment of social media. I say take it for a spin and judge for yourself.

Pagemod0 – Social Media Management (content suggestions and image creation in one spot)
Pagemodo was another one I used to use but had to keep it moving when they stopped creating Content Suggestions. The focus was to create a platform to help folks quickly create and share social media posts & images without the drama. Unfortunately, the drama came when the content suggestions became an issue. Sometimes beginners, and even pros, need a quick inspiration to get the creative and writing juices flowing. The basics of what Pagemodo offered I could get anywhere myself so I didn’t find paying for it worth my dollars. Judge for yourself and check them out, maybe they’ll be a good fit for you. Their main focus is Facebook and now Facebook Business pages.

Bonus: 3 Services & Apps to Create Quick Social Media Images

Piktochart – Infographics
Infographics are a fun, informative way to share facts, numbers, and details about your company. Piktochart’s online service makes it easy to create these catchy graphics. The free account offers plenty of creative templates but if you a small fee, the sky is the limit. Create an infographic and share it on your social media sites. I actually used this service to create my family’s holiday card!

CanvaHigh-Quality Images on the Fly
Canva has become a Heaven-sent gift to non-graphic artists and pros alike. I was skeptical (as is my nature) to jump on the bandwagon of Canva Luvin’ until I tested out the service myself. I soon realized why so many love Canva, it’s easy to learn and maneuver your way around the platform. You get use of powerful tools in either Free or Paid services, but I highly recommend Canva for Work as it allows you to quickly resize a large group of images with a few tweaks. The only thing I wish is that the resizing feature would come with some responsive features – really limiting the number of tweaks required on the new size. Test them out and see for yourself what you can do quickly and effortlessly. Downside: No true blending and advanced graphic features. You’d still need to roll up on InDesign, Photoshop, or Affinity to get into a fully complex graphic design and to create vectors.

Pixlr – Image Editor
Cute. I like the concept of this quick image editor but I like the mobile version more for some reason. I guess it’s the ability to edit images I take quickly on my phone and can quickly share them if I want. For more , options I go to Canva, Stencil, or Promo Republic for social media graphics on the fly.

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