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Top 8 Social Networks for Solopreneurs

Social Media Networks for Solopreneurs

Where to go?

Figuring out where you need to be on social media can be difficult. The top 8 social networks for businesses are listed in this article to help you find your way through the noise. Focus your time and effort where it will best serve you and your brand.

Boss Up

Reciprocity between businesses is key for solopreneurs & startups to do well. This works best when you focus on the proper goals. Great for building a top quality profile, connecting with like minds, focusing on how you can help others, and how they can help you.

Statista and Expanded Ramblings stated that the following social media networks were generating plenty of users and engagement. These are great places for any Solopreneur to find and build long lasting relationships. Check them out and choose your path.

Networks # of Members How to use network
LinkedIn 97M* LinkedIn is for building and USING business connections. Through genuine respect, you connect with those who you can help and vice versa.

There is no guessing why people are on this network – to do business the right way!
However, with all other business tools, there is an etiquette to using this network.

Cold connections tend to be ignored or stalled. Take the time to learn more about who you want to connect with and WHY? Using this information to reach out is valuable and helps you get your foot in the door.

Facebook 1490M* Most often your best connections are the ones you’ve built for a lifetime. Family, friends, and coworkers can be great connections to build your online network and create a path to success for yourself. These connections allow you to get to know more about what they like as business people. Perhaps you know that they are struggling with a problem that you have a solution for. Maybe they are always seeking great new books to read.

Make yourself the person to help them find the solutions!

Use your bond that you’re already created to build new business relationships.

Meetup 100K* Meetup has been a fab way for me to not only meet new people but place me in the “right place at the right time.” I am not a fan of “networking events” because they usually feel awkward or are set in dark lounges/clubs with loud music and now I’m screaming at or being screamed at just to “get to know” someone new. This sucks.

Through Meetup, you can find various ways to connect by joining fellow runners in Central Park or competing in a Hack-a-Thon with fellow tech newbies.

Twitter 316M* Awesome for quick updates to your audience and sharing videos and image links. The advancements being done in Twitter allows people to get to see a glimpse of your personality.

Use your 140 characters CREATIVELY and begin to allow your brand to stand out from the others.

Pinterest 100M* Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? This is where Pinterest Instagram come into play. This allows anyone to share visual content that will generate a wanted response.

With Pinterest, your audience can click on images and links to send them to articles you want to share or special deals you may have for them to purchase items from you!

Instagram 300M* Instagram has exploded to become competitive with Pinterest in the sense of visual sharing. The drawback with Instagram is the flexibility of managing multiple accounts and having active links attached to posts. This is where Pinterest has excelled.

Instagram is still an awesome platform to grow your audience and redirect them back to which ever project you currently want to focus their attention on.

Google+ 300M* Sharing anything from multi-media is a must and Google+ allows you to promote yourself as a brand or local business.

Important to note: The lack of flexibility for Google+ is allowing people to switch between business pages and brand pages. If you create the wrong type of account, you cannot change over easily. Now Google+ allows you to link various pages together, but content is not shared. So plan this network properly BEFORE building your content and following.

Tumblr 420M** Tumblr is an awesome miniblog that you can use to share more of your content with various people who may not be on WordPress.com or Blogger.

*Member stats were sourced from Statista.com
**Member stats were sourced from ExpandedRamblings.com. Tumblr member stats seem to be slightly mysterious so try to push updates via other portals to keep Tumblr fresh but not a major resource for audience building.

The Rundown

Top 8 Social Media Networks for SolopreneursThese top 8 social networks for businesses are just suggestions to help you learn where your audience is and how they engage. Learning which social media network works best for your business and your audience is vital in order for you to control your time efficiently.

There is no sense posting to Tumblr if the majority of your article views and links clicks come from Facebook. Learn where you are receiving the most engagement and manage that! Invest in ads to help you grow your brand quickly and smoothly.

No need to be everywhere like bird droppings. Focus and find your best fit. Learn the tools that will help you manage your accounts and push out the best content.

Regardless of which social network you decide to join – just simply GET OUT THERE!

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